Unique Wedding Dresses – How to create your dream gown using bespoke options

Unique Wedding Dress from the Emanuella collection

How to create a unique wedding dress?

You are standing in a bridal boutique admiring yourself in a gown that ticks so many boxes, perfect silhouette, dreamy lace, exquisite beading and you are drawing delighted sighs from your team. It is the perfect gown in every way…….except for that one thing that just isn’t you. Sound familiar? Maybe it is a strapless gown and you have always felt more comfortable with a strap or sleeve. Maybe you dreamed of a jaw-dropping back detail and this gown is a little plain. Maybe you would like an extra long train – it’s your only chance after all!

Did you know that our Emanuella Bridal Collection gives you the chance to add bespoke options to your gown so that you can create the unique wedding dress of your dreams?

Creating unique wedding dresses using bespoke options is an exciting and rewarding possibility open to brides who shop from our Emanuella Collection. From the shape of the skirt, to the fabric and finishing details, we love to combine the perfect elements from different designs to create a one of a kind, unique wedding dress just for you.

Sometimes changing the smallest details can completely change the look of a wedding dress and means that it suddenly becomes “you!”

The advantage of bespoke options and custom changes is that you are not being asked to design a gown from scratch that you have never had a chance to try on and it won’t carry the price tag of a “made to measure” garment. It is the perfect compromise!

Read on to learn how the process works and see some photos of our gorgeous brides wearing Emanuella designs with bespoke options…..

Unique Wedding Dresses | Jessica wears custom Emanuella

How to use custom options

Have you always had your heart set on a particular skirt? Or a statement low back? Do you definitely prefer a v-neckline over strapless?

Wedding Dress Silhouette

We start with your first consultation with your bridal stylist discussing the various silhouettes within the Emanuella collection. Once you try on a few styles which catch your eye, you will start to fine tune the essential elements of your unique wedding dress. One of the first choices most brides make is silhouette, either between a fitted style or a gown with a fuller skirt. It tends to be an easy, natural choice and it will intrinsically influence the direction of your gown. But not to worry if you love a figure hugging mermaid style and a big tulle ball gown. We have some beautiful overskirts that will allow you to experience the best of both silhouettes! If you love the bodice of one gown and the skirt of another, we can work on combining the two looks into a unique wedding dress just for you.

Unique Wedding Dresses | Laura in the custom Marcella gown
Laura was styled by our head office boutique and wears the Marcella gown with customised, layered full tulle skirt.

The Marcella is a unique wedding dress from the Emanuella collection
The Marcella gown without changes

Unique Wedding Dresses | Christina wears a custom version of the St Laurent gown
Christina was styled by our head office boutique and wears a delicate tulle overskirt to complement her custom St Laurent gown

Bespoke options for the St Laurent bridal gown
Bespoke train options for the St Laurent bridal gown

Wedding Dress Neckline and Back

One of the next design features that is often customised is the neckline, for example sweetheart, v-neck, strapless, off the shoulder or straight across – what suits your bust and decolletage best? Do you love a plunging low back or prefer a vintage back with covered buttons and loops to the neckline. Many of our open necklines can be closed in with extra lace appliques, as our beautiful bride Sam (styled by our retail partner, Bridal by Aubrey Rose) decided to do below. The vision of your unique wedding dress will become a reality as you make a selection from the options available and try on different styles to make an informed choice.

Unique Wedding Dresses | The Havana gown with customised neckline
Sam was styled by our retail partner, Bridal by Aubrey Rose, and wears the Havana gown with customised neckline

Unique Wedding Dresses | Havana from the Emanuella collection with customised neckline
The Havana gown without changes

Wedding Dress Sleeves

So you have fallen in love with a strapless gown but your wedding is being held in the middle of Winter. If that is what your heart desires, go for it – you won’t feel the cold anyway! But if you would like a sleeve – we can design one, whether it be a small lace cap sleeve or a full length sleeve our bridal consultants will work with you to come up with a design that seamlessly integrates with your wedding dress.

Unique Wedding Dresses | The Havana bridal gown with custom sleeves
Gulistan was styled by our retail partner, Bridal by Aubrey Rose, and wears the Havana bridal gown with custom sleeves

The Havanna bridal gown pictured in Bali
The Havana bridal gown without changes

Unique Wedding Dresses | The Boston gown with custom sleeve
Erica was styled by our retail partner, Affordable Bridal, and wears the Boston gown with sleeves

Unique Wedding Dresses | The Boston gown from Emanuella
The Boston gown without changes

Unique Wedding Dresses | Katie wears an Emanuella gown with custom lace cap sleeves
Katie was styled by our head office boutique and wears customised lace cap sleeves

Unique Wedding Dresses | Off the shoulder lace sleeves
Erin was styled by our retail partner, Atelier Rose, and wears the San Jose gown with off the shoulder sleeves

The San Jose gown from Emanuella
The San Jose gown without changes

During your bridal appointment your stylist with record the style you love and then the options you have selected, eg. lower back or longer train, add a layer of sparkle beneath the delicate lace overlay, long sheer sleeves or straps with matching lace motifs.

It may take a little longer than our ready to wear styles but by choosing customised options your gown with be individually treated and the design executed perfectly to the highest quality. You really will have a unique wedding dress that is truly perfect for you!

To get in touch with our bridal stylists and book an appointment to discuss a customised design, please submit your details below:


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