Detachable Off Shoulder Collar, Lace Skirt, Sheath, Tulle, 3 Piece Combination





Delivery Time

16 weeks

This three piece combination look has all the elements. Spirit consist of a form fitted fresh ivory dress. She fits like a glove. With a blended soft straight scoop neckline & fine bodice and hip ruching, finishing with small train buttons. Then we have element number 2. The detachable off the shoulder hibiscus pearl & lace collar. Attached on the inside of the dress fitting firmly & made detachable when wanting to add or change the look. Element 3. The detachable tulle & lace over skirt. Bringing softness & bridal glamour with this soft & sheer tulle over skirt. Wear all 3 elements together as one look. Or the Spirit dress, collar & over skirt can all be worn/sold separately. Create your very own desired look.