How to choose the perfect bridal accessories

Wedding accessories - how to choose the perfect pieces to complement your look?

Bridal Accessories

So you have found the one! Your husband and the dress! What’s next…..bridal accessories to complete the look!

From veils to fascinators, hair crowns to hair clips, headbands to hair vines, gloves to hats, shoes to foot jewellery and last but by no means least a garter – your wedding accessories are a beautiful way to tailor your look. They give you a particular mood for the day, tie in with your decor and theme and really let your personality shine in your wedding dress. Once you start adding the finishing touches your wedding dress goes from something of beauty to something surreal. It is what makes the bridal gown your own!

Bridal Veils

So often it is that moment when a bridal veil is placed in your hair that the tears start flowing – now you are a bride! Even if you are thinking you do not want a veil for your wedding day, do everyone in your bridal party a favour and at least try one on in a bridal boutique. You may be amazed by the transformation and it is really the only chance in your life to wear one! It is easy to wear a wedding veil for the ceremony and a few photos before removing it to party the night away. Alternatively there are some genius tricks to keep your veil on all night and keep it out of the way of your dancefloor moves. Wedding veils come in all different cuts and lengths, some are very plain and others are embellished with lace, crystals or ribbon. It is a matter of trying a few different styles on to see what suits you and your choice of bridal gown the best.

The fingertip bridal veil | Peter Trends Bridal Blog

Fingertip Bridal Veils

The most popular of the shorter veils is the fingertip veil which stretches a bit longer past your waist. It floats around you like a cape and extends as far as your outstretched fingertips (hence the name). This veil was most popular in the 1940’s and 1950’s and was worn by Kate Middleton when she married Prince William. There are some beautiful detailed fingertip veils, including our scalloped edge option (pictured above).

The chapel length bridal veil | Peter Trends Bridal Blog

Chapel Bridal Veils

The chapel veil, as it’s name suggests, sweeps the ground lightly and can end softly on the train of your bridal gown or sit nicely against a floor-length train. They pair extremely well with a specialty fabric as they add a wonderful touch of glam and drama without taking over from the focus of the gown. One of our all time favourite looks is to add a totally plain chapel veil in delicate Italian tulle which cascades softly down the centre of the back of the gown. Another option is a lace scalloped edge veil (as pictured above).

The cathedral bridal veil | Peter Trends Bridal Blog

Cathedral Bridal Veil

Don’t be fooled by the name – you  can wear a cathedral veil anywhere you want! Church weddings or the great outdoors – it is up to you! A cathedral veil is the longest, most regal, most formal and most dramatic veil of all. Wearing this veil is a sure fire way to make a statement and give the bride a certain presence. The veil usually extends beyond the gown’s train. Considering its length, this veil is also guaranteed to give you breath taking pictures, especially when blowing in the wind as our real bride Ashley demonstrates (as pictured above).

So moving on, whether you have chosen to wear a bridal veil or not, it is a beautiful idea to add a jeweled hairpiece for maximum impact.

Wedding Hair Accessories

There are so many options when it comes to adding a touch of bling to your hair for your wedding day. There are different colours such as gold, silver, antique gold, rose gold and different embellishments from pearls to swarovski crystals. There are also a whole range of pieces and different ways of wearing them – here we give you our most popular choices for bridal hair accessories.

Bridal hair accessories - how to choose the perfect look?

Bridal Hair Clip or Slide – The hair clip usually has some jewels attached or delicate hand-made fabric flowers (as pictured above) and is perfect if you are planning to wear your hair down or in a loose bun at the nape of your neck. It will certainly help to keep your hair tidy and off your face whilst still showing off your lovely curls, for a relaxed vibe.

How to choose the perfect bridal accessories | Peter Trends Bridal Blog

Bridal Hair Comb – A hair comb works well for creating an accent to an up-do. It is also perfect for topping the edge of a veil, so you place the veil comb in your hair first and then slide a decorative hair comb over the top. Later during your wedding day you can remove the veil but keep the hair comb in place.

How to choose your perfect bridal accessories

Bridal Tiara – For brides who always dreamed of being a princess, this headpiece would be perfect for you. You can wear the tiara up on the crown of your head and it will get you the look you most desire. This can work with or without a veil and suits for both up-dos and loose hair.

Perfect Bridal Accessories - a floral halo

Floral Halo – Fresh flowers in a halo are perfect for a destination wedding, be it a rustic garden, vineyard or by the sea, by wearing a flower crown with loose curls or a low-do or even with braids, it will perfectly fit with a casual or boho theme. Using fresh flowers in your hair is a beautiful way to complement your whole look especially if your dress also has floral elements.

How to chose the perfect bridal accessories

Bridal Headband – The headband is one of the most popular choices in the world of wedding accessories. There are a few different styles, but metallic headbands are on trend at present. They work to complement a tidy hairdo or accentuate flowing curls. It’s also a wonderful option for brides with short hair who might not be able to wear other types of head pieces.

How to choose the perfect bridal accessories - a hair crown

Bridal Crown – For a perfect combination of boho elegance, the bridal crown is a great option. Many of the current bridal crowns have been wired together with a lot of flexibility so they are comfortable to wear and can mold around your hairstyle of choice. They range from delicate pieces with a scattering of pearls or crystals through to heavier encrusted jewellery pieces.

Bridal Accessories | Peter Trends Bridal Blog
Courtesy of Modern Wedding Magazine

Hat – It may not be as popular a choice these days but a hat can create a retro and stylish vibe to your whole look, especially for beach weddings to keep the sun out of your eyes and hair from your face.

Dos and Don’ts of bridal headpiece styling

Tip 1 – Make sure your headpiece fits in well with your dress and overall look. For example if your gown has silver embroidery and beads, don’t chose an antique gold headpiece. It is important to keep your metals similar. The same goes for beading so if your gown is heavily encrusted with swarovski crystals it is important to repeat those crystals in your hairpiece or perhaps earrings. If you have a particular look and theme in mind for your wedding, be very careful to pick a headpiece that ties in. A fresh flower crown would look odd in a princess-inspired ballroom wedding. Having said that be brave with your choices. Sometimes the least likely combination is a knock out – this is what professional stylists do all the time.

Tip 2 – Consider your veil when choosing your hair accessories and be sure they go well together. A plain veil comb sitting visible in your hair is not the best look. Ask your stylist how to wear a hairpiece together with your veil and they can either be joined or placed in the hair separately. It is quite popular for the veil and headpiece to both be worn for the ceremony and then to remove the veil and keep the headpiece in your hair for the reception. This way, you can move and mingle easily with your guests without worrying about a long veil to carry.

Tip 3 – Pick something you feel gorgeous in that suits your own style and personality and is comfortable to wear. Don’t pick a piece just because its trending now. You will be looking back over your wedding photos for the next 50 years and you don’t want to see a bridal accessory that stole the limelight in every shot.

So there you have it – a full guide to choosing the perfect bridal accessories for your wedding day! There is so much to admire and go over that we have managed to fill a whole blog post just talking about veils and headpieces. We will definitely have to write Part 2 for this blog post to include all those other essential wedding day accessories, such as jewellery, belts, shoes and garters.


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