Healthy Diet as a Bride to Be – What is the best way to success?

Bride to Be - healthy diet tips

Losing weight as a Bride to Be

We love meeting new brides and hearing them describe what type of gown they have been dreaming of. At some point during the conversation losing weight is usually mentioned as part of the plan for the big day. Everyone wants to be the best version of themselves on their wedding day.

But what is the right way to lose weight without it becoming too stressful and an issue for the fit of your gown? You need to be able to lose weight while being able to function normally, keep your hormones on an even keel and not have last minute size changes when your gown is having final fittings with a dressmaker.

Ask yourself if you really need to lose weight? Every bride has a special glow on her wedding day and will look stunning, no matter what size her gown is. Our advice is always to get the size that will fit best. If you don’t like the number on the tag, cut it out, forget about it and enjoy your day – you so deserve it!

If you feel that you have time before the wedding and would like to make a change, read on….

Where is the best place to start with a healthy wedding diet?

Have a look at your daily eating habits; how often do you reach for easy fast food options because you need a quick feed? Planning a wedding can be pretty stressful, especially trying to keep everyone in the family happy – so it is easy to over eat. The most important change is to move away from packaged, processed foods and reach for whole foods that are easy to put together to make a quick, filling, nutritious meal.

There are so many supermarket salad mixes, raw vegie and nut snack options now so it is quite easy to avoid lengthy preparation for meals and snacks. The more vegies appearing on your plate at every meal, the fuller you will feel while at the same time feeding yourself nutritiously, keeping cravings away and keeping stress at bay.

Instead of cutting calories, we often suggest and offer to take our client’s measurements and then encourage our brides to re-check the measurements every couple of weeks instead of standing on the scales and counting every calorie. It’s easier to focus on the quality of exercise and planning healthy meals and not worrying about the quantity of calories and jumping on the scales every day.

What is the right amount of weight to lose for your wedding day?

It is so important to be realistic. Do you remember when you were at your smallest? If you are hoping to be smaller than that, you are aiming for a goal that might not be achievable in a healthy manner. How much time do you have before the wedding? If you plan to lose over 1/2 – 1 kg a week, this might be very difficult to achieve.

Generally the 3 rules of thumb are: 1. Avoid “whites” – bread, pasta, bakery products, food in packets 2. Avoid or cut down the alcohol – try a sparkling water with citrus instead of sparkling wine 3. Fill up with vegies, salads at every meal. Snack on vegie sticks with homous or peanut butter, a hot chocolate with real cocoa (and organic sweetener like Stevia). Nutrition is the key, as this will support you in times of stress which will inevitably build leading up to the big day.

Remember to ask your friends for help or set common goals with your fiancee as it is always easier to achieve your weight loss goals with someone else.

Lastly keep your bridal boutique or wedding dress designer in the loop. It can be very hard to take in a bridal gown more than one or two sizes and it would be terrible to trim down so much that your bridal gown no longer suits. So give yourself plenty of time and set realistic goals!

Trust us, we have never met a bride who did not look amazing in her bridal gown, no matter what size. It is your day and you will shine! Remember to enjoy it and definitely get stuck into some wedding cake!!



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