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Custom – Plain English tulle veil ACT101

This simple veil will suit any bridal style. It has a neat hand cut edge, made of English tulle and finished with a neat wrapped comb. This style is available as a two tier or single tier in a variety of colours.

Veil details: 1 Tier or 2 Tier

Veil lengths: Fingertip 43″, Chapel 78″, Cathedral 98″, Deluxe Cathedral 114″, Custom lengths

Veil colours: White, Antique, Ivory, Vanilla, Mink, Champagne, Rose Gold, Blush, Pink Diamond

Please note: As our custom veils are handmade all veils will shipped within 4-6 weeks of order. Please let us know if you require a shorter time frame than this.

Please contact our Online Stylist with any enquiries about our veil collections.

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