Custom – Elegant square cut veil C572C

A plane, non-embellished English tulle veil with a simple sewn edge, designed to be worn with any combs, or headpieces. This simple and elegant square cut in design, creating a wider, more full appearance, attached to a plain comb, the square design of the Veil will create a wider, non-gathered look, falling beautifully around your shoulders the falling onto your dress finishing with a tear drop crystal on the four points. Wear yours either to the back of your head, or higher on your crown for a Mantilla veil effect.

Made exclusively for us in England, to our own luxury specification we use only the very finest yarn available to give you a ‘barely there’ appearance. Our custom veils are made of our exclusive timeless signature tulle.  The finished fabric is as light as air, smooth to the touch and effortless to wear.

Veil details: 2 Tier

Veil lengths: Fingertip 43″, Chapel 78″, Cathedral 98″, Deluxe Cathedral 114″, and Custom lengths

Veil colours: White, Antique, Ivory, Vanilla, Mink, Champagne, Rose Gold, Blush, Pink Diamond

Please note: As our custom veils are handmade all veils will shipped within 4-6 weeks of order. Please let us know if you require a shorter time frame than this.

Please contact our Online Stylist with any enquiries about our veil collections.